blum's servo-drive for aventos

If high-tech kitchens tickle your fancy, then you may be interested in SERVO-DRIVE for AVENTOS, by Blum. This electrical opening support system boosts the user-friendly AVENTOS cabinetry by a mechanical, touch sensitive open and close feature. 
Blum explains: "Just a light touch on the door lifts it open and out of the way.  To close, the user touches an easily accessible wireless switch mounted inside the cabinet.  The door lowers gently to a silent close with BLUMOTION.  A safety feature incorporated into the system also will stop the door from closing if it meets any resistance.

Because AVENTOS cabinet doors open upwards, they provide an excellent view into the cabinet interior. This always enables comfortable and ergonomic access to storage items. The kitchen user retains freedom of motion, keeping the cabinet door out of the way."

If you're interest is piqued in Charlotte's own Blum offerings, email my-modern for more info.