welcoming newest my-modern member: grün

Conceived by architects Kristina Held and Rebecca Block Richman, grün focuses on sustainable architecture and design while keeping the creative juices flowing. With designs at South End, UNCC, Ballantyne, and even internationally, Kristina and Rebecca favor passive solar strategies and modern technologies to make their designs  as environmentally friendly as possible.

What grün says:
"Here, we start with an emotion or concept drawn directly from our clients, and we transform it into space. We find the purpose of every element in itself and its relationship to the whole with this concept as a guide."
"For us, architecture is the unique solution to a particular design task with the purpose to serve life. Form-finding is not imposed; form is discovered through the building task."

Visit grün's website at www.grunarch.com or give them a call at 704-905-3160.